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Make Better Decisions with GD&T on your Drawings
2-Day GD&T Fundamentals
Public Workshop

June 19 - 20, 2019
Downtown Greenville, SC
If you work with drawings, you know that GD&T is now the industry standard for communicating requirements on your prints. You also probably know how important communication can be when it comes to working with other departments, suppliers, customers and anyone who works with your parts. 

With the GD&T Basics Fundamentals 2-Day Workshop, you will learn a simple framework that will allow you to understand how GD&T is used and why. We don’t throw every concept at you – we make absolutely sure that what we teach is what you will actually need in the real world. 

It is our #1 goal that you retain the information you will learn and make a noticeable impact at your company when you get back from training!
Training Price $899
10% Discount when registering 3 or more people from the same organization
**Price does not include travel or lodging costs
Course Objectives:
  •  Understand the simple GD&T framework that simplifies 95% of all GD&T while avoiding the complexity in the standard. 
  •  Break down the main requirements and terminology in the ASME Y14.5 standard into simple English. 
  •  Learn all 14 major symbols, how to use them, which ones are most useful and which ones to avoid.
  •  Discover how Max Material Condition creates bonus tolerance while maintaining a functional part.
  •  Understand what datums do and how they are applied on your drawing from a design, manufacturing, and inspection perspective.
  •  Study real drawings to understand how GD&T is applied on actual parts. **If you are able to, please bring you own drawing to the workshop to discuss.
  •  Learn best practices that represent a realistic approach to getting started using GD&T. 
  •  Retain key concepts using our included training resources so you will be able to apply what you learn well after the training is finished.
We promise, once you take our training & understand our GD&T framework, you will drastically improve the way you work with your drawings. We don’t want you to just understand theory – we want you to apply what you learn!
Who Should Attend:
Our training is designed to be very approachable and geared towards everyone from entry level to those with intermediate experience. To take this training, you should have some experience in a design, production or inspection environment working with engineering drawings. You should also be able to understand how parts are represented and viewed on a print. No prior GD&T knowledge is required though!
(10% Discount when registering 3 or more people from the same organization)
What Makes our Program Different:
At our company, Pareto Learning, we pride ourselves on the realistic approach that we take with our training. Although we are a big fan of using GD&T and use it in our work every day, we are not evangelists of the standard – we are realists. Through our work with so many companies, we understand that there needs to be a simplified approach to begin applying GD&T. We know that haphazardly adding GD&T symbols to drawings is one of the worst practices as this just leads to extra costs and confusion. Our program is designed to have a focus on the functional aspects of using GD&T while also keeping in mind real-world manufacturing and inspection challenges that companies face every day.
What's Included in the Training?:
  •  2-Day Training Hosted by Tom Geiss - Certified ASME Senior-Level Trainer
  •  6 Months of Online Access to our GD&T Fundamentals Training ($299 Value)**
  •  Printed Premium GD&T Wall Chart
  •   GD&T Pocket Guide
  •   Review Handout Packet
  •  Certificate of Completion
  •  16 PDHs (Personal Development Hours)
  •  Continental Breakfast and Lunch Both Days
  •  Evening Reception Tuesday, June 19th - Immediately Following Training
**To make sure you will have the knowledge to apply the topics you learn on your parts, we include 6 months of access to our popular GD&T Fundamentals Online Course and Instructor Help Forum. This program is used by thousands of individuals and companies to better grasp the concepts of GD&T and make better decisions with their prints.

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This course was very well done!
The information was presented in a logical way building on itself and reinforcing prior knowledge. Using our own drawings to illustrate examples really helped drive home the points. One of the best courses I've attended.

-Kenn Blade
This was a great training! Tom was extremely knowledgeable and explained confusing concepts clearly. The course materials (PowerPoint, Slides, & Wall Chart) were also done really well - very clear and good visual examples. I have a much better understanding of GD&T now. I liked going through the gauging examples, this will be a helpful framework to better design for assembly. I really liked going through our drawings as examples. This always led to good discussion. 

-Adriana Sopher
This course is the 2nd GD&T course I have taken part in. The first course (by another company) provided poor real world examples and really only gave a rough understanding of the most basic concepts with no relation to our field of work. After this course, I feel that all of the concepts covered have been greatly clarified. I am now confident in my approach to interpreting GD&T when provided by customers, and that I can confidently challenge questionable tolerancing. 

-Yvan Fortier
Whatever training I have taken so far in my years of CAD & CAM experience, I found this training as one of the best!
The one thing that I liked the most about this training was the way of explaining or explanation, representing things, simulations on the projector screen was absolutely perfect. I believe when we give training to other people, the most important thing is the method of explanation and this training had that! Excellent...Keep it up!

-Himanshu Fanchal
About the Instructor
Tom Geiss is the Founder and Lead Trainer of the GD&T Basics Program. He is ASME Senior-Level Certified in both the 1994 and 2009 version of the GD&T standard. Tom is a former Product Launch/Methods Engineer for BMW and a Design Engineer for ZF Transmissions. He has been working with and applying GD&T as a professional engineer for over a decade in the automotive industry. 

Tom currently consults with dozens of companies each year on how they can improve their work and make better decisions with engineering drawings. 

Learn more about Tom or connect with him on LinkedIn: 
Greenville, SC
We are pleased to have you join us for our GD&T Public Workshop in Greenville, South Carolina. 

Downtown Greenville is full of exciting nightlife, delectable foods, and is home to many engineering facilities and large manufacturing plants. 

Breakfast and Lunch are provided during your stay. However, we encourage you to venture around the quaint downtown area in your free time. 
Falls Park on the Reedy is a short walk from the Aloft Hotel and highly recommended to all visitors to check out. 

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GD&T Basics - 2-Day GD&T Fundamentals Workshop